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Back in the year nineteen hundred and ninety eight a new band was forged in the mountains of Montana. Deep rooted in soul and that mountain sound, Coldsmoke, as they soon became, entertained people from miles around. Many nights at the Filling Station and Haufbrau were filled with good music good beer and good company. Today the Coldsmoke legacy still lives on and can be heard on their new, self titled, full length, studio album...Coldsmoke. Listen and experience what the mountains grow. It is simple, honest music....

Andrew Shepard: Lead Vocals, Guitar
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Tyler Kuhn: Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals
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Taylor Hargrove: Drums, Percussion
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John Sanders: Bass
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Dustin Tucker: Guitar, Vocals
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Chris Cundy: Grand Piano
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Sean Norton: Producer, Engineer, and Mixer
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Mike Kuhn: Executive Producer, Badlands Marketing L.L.C.
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Recorded at Falcon Studios, Portland, OR
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Kevin Nettleingham: Mastered by
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Dave Krise: Album Graphics
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Dylan Solomon: Album Cover Photo
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  1. Twisted Wood 3:45
  2. Tree Farm (mp3 4.8 Mb) 3:57
  3. Green Thumb 4:19
  4. High and Lowe 3:10
  5. Tuloko 5:30
  6. Botany 4:03
  7. Hooptie (mp3 5.0 Mb) 5:05
  8. Words 3:38
  9. Jupiter's Wife 5:44
  10. One 5:29
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